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The short version: If you’re a creative, and/or #neurodiverse, you are my people. Welcome! This newsletter deals with the creative process, personal growth from a #neurodiverse perspective, some book reviews, and the occasional Taylor Swift introspective. Em dashes abound — you’ve been forewarned.

The longer version: In 2019, I realized I needed to start a regular creative practice if I wanted to build toward and accomplish some of my goals — specifically, writing books, drawing weird things, and not being afraid to just put stuff out there. However, two small chaos machines aka children and freelancing had a monopoly on my time. I was also dealing with limitations like ‘no private space’ (i.e., no place to paint or type where small hands weren’t immediately “helping”). So, I decided to do a thing that I could do, on my phone, at the end of each day if necessary — a daily Instagram diary, one photo and a brief written caption every day for a year. 

I made it through 2019 with a post for every single day, and that accomplishment helped me confront a lot of creative challenges I had along the way. In 2020, I pivoted to writing this once-or-twice a month newsletter, Theatre of Christi. It’s here to help other creatives along on their journeys, in part by discussing how we deal with procrastination, fear, perfectionism, failure, success, and all the other things that might crank our gears into overdrive (or stall the engine).

Theatre of Christi has one other evil plan as well: it helps me build a body of work as an author. While I’ve written dozens of editorial articles in various unrelated fields (mostly about horses), I realized last year that I wasn’t going end up in a new place if I didn’t start out on a new path.

So this is it. Welcome! Grab some popcorn, and feel free to put your feet up on the seat in front of you. The lights are going down and the curtain is going to open any second now…

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